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Shibata Laboratory
School of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Tokyo University of Technology

We welcome all (graduate) overseas students who wish to study Japanese cosmetic technology.

Our Mission

We are developing functional materials and novel formulation technologies to create safe and secure cosmetics, which can be used by people with sensitive or atopic skin.

Our Research Theme

1) Harmony of nanomaterials and natural materials
We synthesize zeolites and meso-porous silicas, which are high-tech powders with monosized pores. Familiar natural materials such as plant pigments and inorganic mineral are introduced into these nano pores or frameworks. The obtained high-tech powder composites are applied to create functional cosmetic materials.
The materials and functions are as follows:
 *Improving the light stability of pigments derived from grapes
 *Surfactant-free emulsions
 *Fluorescent materials derived from seaweed
 *Safe and secure photochromic materials
 *Transparent inorganic ultraviolet absorber (a derivative of red iron oxide).

2) For the maintenance of beautiful and healthy lips
Lips are thin stratum corneums, and therefore, unprotected sites, which often cause problems such as dryness and roughness, discoloring, or allergies. We analyze the physiology of lips and develop lip cosmetics that aim at beautiful, soft, and trouble-free lips.
We also study the
 *Physiological properties of lips (water retention, color, elasticity).
 *Development of new lip moisturizers
 *The microstructure and properties of oil gels, which are base materials in lip cosmetics
 *Improvement of the quality of lip cosmetics (retention of oil, gel hardness variation over time, color development)

3) New medical technologies utilizing the features of the lips
We are developing new drug delivery systems (DDS) through the surface of the lip.
The stratum corneum of the lip is thinner than the other parts of the body.
Thus, active ingredients, such as antioxidants may more efficiently penetrate the body than conventional DDS through the skin.
The new oil gels we are developing are specified for excellent application texture onto lips, longwearing properties, and efficient penetration into the body through the lip surface.

Profile of Prof. Masashi Shibata
Masashi SHIBATAProfessor, Ph.D.
School of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Tokyo University of Technology

1987 Bachelor of Engineering (Kyoto University)
1989 Master of Engineering (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
1989-2008 Kao Corporation, Tokyo
     Researcher/ Group Leader
1994-1995 University of Namur, Belgium
     Visiting researcher
1997 Doctor of Engineering (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
Associate professor of Tokyo University of Technology
Professor of Tokyo University of Technology  

Address of Shibata Lab.
Prof. Masashi Shibata
School of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Tokyo University of Technology
1404-1, Katakura-machi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo 192-0982